My name is Paul Adamson and my love of the outdoors stems from spending many years as a boy playing in the fields and woods close to where I lived in Derbyshire. At sixteen I started a career in engineering as it was a subject I enjoyed but after completing over 5 years in the profession, I decided to retrain, so as to be able to work outdoors.

This led to a career in Arboriculture, and Horticulture, which I thoroughly enjoy. I mainly concentrated on tree surgery and have enjoyed many long hours in the canopies of trees throughout the seasons and various weathers. I now split my time between tree inspection work, teaching and making crafts.

I've attended several courses, with various schools and organisations, and have researched other skills through study and practice. I started my studies at Woodlore in 2004, eventually working as an assistant instructor for wilderness survival skills in Wiltshire UK. I've since completed a level 4 NCFE qualification in Ethnobotany with the Woodcraft School, a Level 4 qualification in Wildlife identification and Tracking.

Camping out with simple kit, and using natural resources to make life comfortable, sustainable, and enjoyable, is a pastime I regularly pursue. This and walking in-between camps allows me to really feel part of the environment.

The love of making that originally led me to engineering has never left me and I have since turned those skills to carving and other crafts associated with spending time in the woods, this in turn led to the reason for creating this site.