Kuksa Book and carving Info

Kuksa Book

If you live in the EU - Follow the link below to buy the book. The site will then collect the VAT, customs process should be faster and there will be less fees for you.

Link to buy if in the EU

I've been carving wooden cups or Kuksa for over Twelve Years, and along the way I’ve found out and overcome many associated problems with them. You can find available Kuksas for sale in my PRODUCTS page

After being asked many times how to make them, I thought I would simply write it all down in one convenient place and make it available to the public via a printed BOOK 

Tools for carving

The tools I like to use for carving listed in the book and discussed in the videos I have been in, can be obtained from various sources. Links below for a few.

Pfeil straight GOUGES

Pfeil long bent GOUGES

A Great carving AXE

Morakniv 220 PUSH KNIFE


Twca Cam 35mm HADES


Loop knife GRYLA

Kuksa Template

A basic plan view of a kuksa template can be found HERE

Aim for around a 50mm depth to the outside of the bowl to start with.

Mailing List

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Oil for kuksa finishing

Cold pressed Linseed Oil is my preferred type. 

Pre oxidised oil