Birch log tankard - 800ml

  • Birch log tankard - 800ml
  • Birch log tankard - 800ml
  • Birch log tankard - 800ml

A large drinking vessel which fits a full pint plus plenty of head and room for movement. Handy on uneven festival fields and if the urge to dance overcomes you.

Made in the style of a shrink pot, the greenwood cylinder is first carved out of the main stem of a Birch tree containing a side branch for the handle, then a dry section of seasoned wood is used for the base.
As the greenwood shrinks around the base located in a specially made groove, a tight well fitted base is created. A natural wax blend helps to make sure everything is sealed up for an enjoyable beverage.

An unusual object that often causes discussions and interest. I've made several over the years and I'm very proud of them.

Painted in red milk paint and finished with cold pressed Swedish linseed oil.

Lightweight, robust and fits perfectly in the hand.

Designed for cold drinks such as a fine ale or cider.

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