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Hand Carved Birch Leaf Scoop 2

  • Hand Carved Birch Leaf Scoop 2

Made from locally sourced Birch wood collected during work managing woodlands, this simple yet carefully thought out utensil, is for a tablespoons worth of Coffee for the morning brew up, or for measuring when baking etc.

The handle has a chip carved and kolrosed birch leaf design stained with natural pigments.

I've enjoyed making spoons for 17 years and still like to tweak designs and try different woods, and enjoy the flow of production work.

Finished with cold pressed, food grade Swedish Linseed Oil. This produces a cured durable finish protecting the wood in a natural way.
Best not to wash in a dishwasher, and after many enjoyable meals, a light wiping of good quality cooking oil, will help to maintain the finish.

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